jrYou may recall that Peter Hall is a bit peeved about Hollywood's invasion of the London stage - well, it turns out that the movie stars are taking over Broadway, as well. According to The Guardian, almost 40% of the two dozen shows on Broadway right now star "household Hollywood names," though what that means exactly is anyone's guess. The paper specifically points out the presence of John Lithgow (Dirty Rotten Soundrals), Jeff Goldblum (The Pillowman), and Brooke Shields (Chicago), all of whom it identifies as "A-list." (And Brooke Shields will surely be cutting out the article to put on her wall.) Whether Brooke is "A-list" or not, there certainly are more famous faces on the way, namely Julia Roberts in Three Days of Rain and the dynamic duo of Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick, together again in The Odd Couple.

Over here, though, no one seems to be complaining, maybe because they're getting rich. The 24 shows on Broadway, collectively, have taken in $376.4 million over the past five and a half months (up 10% from last year), and ticket sales show no signs of slowing (The Odd Couple is already virtually impossible to get non-scalped tickets to, and it's not even open yet). While there are investors to pay back and advertisers to pay off, most of these shows spend comparatively little on their casts, even for the famous names - Roberts, for example, is reportedly getting $24,000 for her entire run Broadway.
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