Steven SpielbergSo remember those rumors surrounding Steven Spielberg and how he literally bought all of Budapest in order to shoot this little thing called Munich, forcing its citizens to, well, get the hell out of the way? Well, guess who's coming to Brooklyn? No, relax; all of Budapest is not relocating to New York. What I meant was that Spielberg and gang are setting up camp for three days later this month in order to shoot some scenes for the Oscar nominated film. Oh wait, it hasn't been nominated yet. Or has it? Dun Dun Dun. According to Coming Soon, the best director ever is going all retro on an undisclosed section of Fort Greene in downtown Brooklyn, transforming it to fit the film's 1970's setting. Supposedly, some residents are frantic; there's all sorts of commotion; people are being forced out of their homes into hotels and an entire area is being re-built. Shooting is said to start on September 25th and it's being disguised under the working title, King's Cross, according to flyers in the area. So, if you just happen to be strolling by on your way to the store, then maybe you can let us know what's shaking. But don't take pictures. That would be wrong. Yep. Wrong.
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