maJennifer Lopez has reportedly changed her mind about co-starring in Who Killed Hector Lavoe. Lavoe a Puerto Rican singer who died in poverty in New York in 1993, is credited with introducing salsa to the US. After reading about the insanity of his life, I'd have to say that JLo made a great call when she bought the rights to his story a few years ago. Damn.

What might not have been such a great call, however, is her recent decision to play Lavoe's wife in the film. Why, you ask? Well, a gentleman by the name of Marc Anthony is starring in the film, and we all know what happens with JLo appears in movies with her men:  they bomb, and she ends up bitter and alone. Careful here, JLo. Look, I've been bitter ever since you made the transition from interesting, talented actress to skanky ho. But if you screw this movie up? Girl, we are so over.
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