"Why don't you go get your hat and we'll go get lost in New Jersey?"

That's Spencer Tracy, trying to get Katherine Hepburn to blow off work and spend the day with him in Woman of the Year, and it's one of my favorite lines from any movie. David Thomson's using the release of the Hepburn and Tracy boxset as an excuse for a typically amorphous meditation on the two stars, as a unit and as seperate entities. The parts that aren't half-paraphrased from Stanley Cavell are semi-interesting; he's got a nice way of talking about the contradiction, for instance, between Hepburn's "serene assumption that she was free and independent - which, some said, meant flat-out selfish," and the way that very struggle with intimacy was resolved with Tracy onscreeen: "the wonderful way in which warring, lonely people sometimes fall in love and stay there - just." After all, you'd have to have a certain kind of unlikely chemical reaction with someone to want to get lost with them, especially in New Jersey.
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