stoneThe ever-reliable Cindy Adams this morning provides some interesting detail on how the city of New York is handling Oliver Stone's 9/11 film. Perhaps not unexpectedly, there will be nearly unprecedented restrictions on what Stone can show, and what sort of visual effects he can create in the area that was affected by the attacks. For example, there will be establishing shots, but none of the impact of the planes on the Twin Towers. Instead, reactions to the events will be shown. Additionally, the city will not allow Stone to "dress the streets with dirt and debris and ash and people's belongings and falling bodies."

According to Adams, the sometimes unpredictable Stone has thus far handled the whole situation with class and delicacy. He waited to begin pre-production until the anniversary had passed, and is spending (as one would expect) a great deal of time with the families of victims, both doing research and reassuring them about his intentions. Filming is expected to begin in October.

What do you think? Are NYC's restrictions and expectations reasonable, given the horror of that day and its repercussions? Or should Stone be allowed to make the any film he wants, regardless of the pain it might cause?
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