Marilyn Merlot sounded about right. As a varietal of sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe is/was kind of entry level, generally palatable to most tastes, but a bit vulgar to the refined connoisseur – just like the oft-maligned merlot, which can be well done, but is generally just sort of easy. So, that in mind, what kind of wine would you pair with Greta Garbo? I might go with a very dry Cotes-du-Rhone, or better yet Bollinger, a bold champagne. But sparkling rose? The signature wine of bargain Valentine's Day brunches and wedding receptions at the Holiday Inn? That's what Domaine Carneros (the Napa Valley outpost of Taittinger) is planning to roll out this fall, under the label Greta Garbo Brut Rose. A blend of pinot noir and chardonnay that usually sells for about $27, Carneros plans to slap Garbo's face on about 350 cases of their 2001 vintage, and jack the price up to $42 a bottle in celebration of the Swedish star's 100th birthday. $42 for rose? Not even Garbo could sell that scam.
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