wwBecause I know you were concerned (or, um hopeful), I'll let you know right now that JossWhedon has confirmed that his Wonder Woman will not, I repeat not, be wearing star-spangled panties. Man is that a load off my mind. Neither will she "dress like [The Matrix's] Trinity." Whew.

Instead of screwing up reinterpreting his leading lady, Whedon's plan for the film is to make a creation story in the mold of Batman Begins. He's pretty excited about it:  "Why does she wear the bracelets? Why does she use the lasso? Like, where does all that stuff come from?" Is any of this addressed in the original comics, or does Whedon really get to do whatever he wants? Because how incredibly cool would that be, to just make up your own creation myth? Of course if it was me, she'd just get her gear from aliens, so I'd probably be fired really quick. But I have faith that his imagination is better that mine.
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