Martha was just talking about Joss Whedon's plans for the new Wonder Woman; now, Lauren Graham is talking about her own plans to nab the lead role. In response to internet chatter, Graham recently said, "I would frigging love to be Wonder Woman! I love a good headband" This would apparently be the second time Graham was up for the role. "I was almost her once when I was working at the Mattel Toy Fair in the mid-'90s. But then they switched me over to the UNO card game." I previously griped about the idea of Mischa Barton strapping on the cape and headband, but that was mostly because she's awfully boring. I love Lauren Graham when she's marching through Stars Hollow, and she's certainly got a way with weilding a cell phone and a latte, but ... well ... isn't she a little, um, mature, for the part?
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