George LucasGeorge Lucas recently talked to The New York Post about the upcoming November 1st release of the Episode III: Revenge of the Sith DVD, as well as that whole live-action series rumored to be on its way to a galaxy near you. If you're wondering what kind of added bonus material we'll see on the DVD, well, get ready for some intense non-stop political-packed action. According to Lucas, "Most are Senatorial in nature. Some are about the conspiracy, in terms of starting the rebel alliance. But mostly there's lots of beautiful costumes." Beautiful costumes? Damn, and here I thought we would be able to watch the stuff left off the scene where a young Vader fights a bunch of pint-sized Jedi's. As far as the live-action show, Lucas admits he hasn't even worked on the script yet, but divulged that "it's all minor, minor characters. It's not the Skywalker story at all - that's going on in another part of the galaxy." Personally, I'm glad he's not touching those characters because it would seem weird if, say, some soap-opera guy (nothing against Superman Returns) started playing Luke since no one will ever be able to repeat the way in which Hamill whined like a teenage girl in that annoying high-pitched voice. No one! Additionally, IGN FilmForce reports that the series is slated to run 50 hours and mix live-action with CGI, while they speculate that the story "will revolve around imperial bounty hunters." The Untitled show is currently seeking scriptwriters, and the always secretive Lucas will put it all together from his secluded Skywalker Ranch.
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