hovBased on the damage it did to ViggoMortensen and Maria Bello, there is at least one super-intense sex scene in David Cronenberg'sA History of Violence. Despite (or maybe because of) "weeks" spent preparing for the scene, the emotional and physical violence of the scene surprised Bello, who was left "covered from head to toe in black and blue and red bruises." Mortensen didn't get off (ha ha) scot free either:  his hip and elbow were badly swollen, and Bello chomped on his lip and some point and screwed that all up, too. Jeez, you two. Don't they have stunt doubles for this sort of thing?

Bello says that the spontaneous, explosive nature of the sex scene was emotionally hard on her as well. As someone who habitually tries to control everything around her (Gee, I don't know anything about that. Ahem.), it was a big risk to just let go and let the scene happen. And, look what happened to here! Let that be a lesson to you, kids:  relinquishing control almost never ends well.