rrI must admit right up front here that my interest in Ryan Reynolds is shamefully shallow. I always told my friend Beau to shut up when he obsessed over him as "the cute one" on Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place, and I had zero interest in Van Wilder. I do, however, have a sick thing for the Blade series, and it was the moment when I saw an extremely jacked young Ryan shirtless and chained to the floor in some softcore vampire movieBlade:  Trinity that I suddenly found I cared very deeply about him. Well. I feel so much better, now that it's out in the open.

Anyway, word from Variety is that the (presumably) still quite fit Mr. Reynolds has been signed to star in Chaos Theory, a comedy about a man who who finds out that he's sterile, and that his child was in fact fathered by his (Ryan's, not the kid's) best friend. Jeez, what's with the run on sperm-free movies? The film will be directed by Marcos Siega who, unfortunately, is to blame for Underclassmen. He also, however, directed three episodes of Veronica Mars, as well as episodes of poor, unjustly cancelled Eyes. These things give me hope.
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