spaderJames Spader seems like he would be scary to interview. He comes across as very smart and very intense, and he sort of has that teacher's stare that puts the awkward silence on your shoulders. But he's also very quick, and sort of proud of his idiosyncrasies and, if you catch him at the right moment will completely take over a stupid talk show, turning it into something clever and unpredictable. I saw him once on The View, and it was amazing - he was supremely confident, but in a way that led him to engage the gaggle of hosts, not try to stand above them. He was almost goading them into risky questions, sort of saying "Come on, what've you got?", and loving that he could handle it all.

Spader's one of those rare actors who denies the public himself, and yet still manages to stay in our good graces. Despite his silence, though, you get this undeniable sense that he's every bit as fascinating as his characters. The control he brings to most of his characters - you can sometimes see that's in him, too. And while he's maybe never been to an alien planet, I remember reading once that he gets obsessively focused on things - he heard David Bowie for the first time, and had to buy every album immediately. And doesn't that seem like something Lee Woods would do? Or even Alan Shore?

It's bizarre and wonderful that after years away from Big Media Attention, he is being recognized for his meticulous, incredibly layered work on what is essentially a pretty crappy (don't get defensive, David Kelly fans, I watch it every week) TV show - every once in a great while, award shows get it right. Anyone who still doubts Spader's abilities as an actor just needs to sit down and watch five minutes of Boston Legal. He can be standing in the back of a scene, not moving or speaking - just watch his mouth, and his eyes, and you'll believe.
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