Is the neighborhood of Venice planning to secede from Los Angeles ... via militant revolution?!? Writer/filmmaker Theresa Duncan wrote a blog entry this weekend to that end. I think the best thing I can do here is just quote from the source: "The Los Angeles Lunar Society advocates the secession of Venice from the city of Los Angeles, and does not preclude the use of revolution to achieve this end," Duncan writes. Apparently the issue of who would fight that revolution came up at the Lunar Society's August meeting; the problem with this notion (well, aside from no-pun intended lunacy) is that "many Lunar Society members are involved in work of one kind or another for the Hollywood dream factory"; therefore, "a Venice revolution might interrupt some production schedules." Yeah, I think a revolution might "interrupt" a lot of things. It was thus decided that "members in pre-production, production, post, or on worldwide publicity tours are recused from active military duty." A motion to that end was expected to be ratified and officially included into the society's bylaws at yesterday's September meeting.

Well, it's good to know that if civil war broke out in Los Angeles, production would remain unaffected. If anyone has any additional, credible information on this, please forward it along.
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