wooCinemasports is a day-long filmmaking contest in which teams start the day with a list of "mystery ingredients" to include in their projects and finish it, nine hours later, with a completed film. Founded in San Francisco by Jin Woo Joo (that's him over there), Cinemasports has spread rapidly, hosting events from New York to Bulgaria. The incredible thing about the project is that it's a free, day-long, brutal lesson in filmmaking that requires no experience whatsoever. All you need is a team with a laptop and a digital camera, and Boom!, you're a filmmaker. In a pinch, even people without any of the requirements can usually participate - showing up stag at the morning kickoff meetings usually can get you on a team.

A Cinemasports event just ended in New York, and one is scheduled for Saturday in conjunction with the Orinda Film Festival in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you're interested and Cinemasports doesn't seem to ever come to you, check around on their website, because some events accept submission online (as long as they conform to the same restrictions placed on on-site participants).
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