FlightplanComing Soon has acquired a 7-minute clip of the upcoming Jodie Foster thriller, Flightplan and it looks pretty good. Produced by Brian Grazer, the film follows a grieving mother and daughter as they travel from Berlin to New York in order to bury their recently deceased husband/father. However, while airborne, the little one simply vanishes forcing Foster to begin a frantic search for what she believes is a missing daughter when there's no evidence the kid was ever on the plane in the first place. The clip itself does not show 7 minutes of continuous footage; instead, it dances around a bit to build tension and, well, make you want to see the damn thing. Something about this whole plotline reminds me of that Julianne Moore pic, The Forgotten; perhaps it's that whole "do I or don't I have a child" feeling lingering about or maybe it's that these two ladies kind of look alike. Regardless, I hated the way Forgotten ended and hope this "missing kid" flick goes a different route.