FletchKevin Smith seemed rather chipper while speaking to TV Guide about the Fletch project that never was. Last time we checked in with our hero, Smith yearned for Jason Lee to play the young Chevy Chase, but the Weinsteins were thinking more along the lines of Chris (whatever happened to him?) Tucker. Well, now that Jason Lee is claiming his name is Earl with a much-hyped television show this fall, Smith could finally get his wish. Recently, the name Zach Braff has been thrown around as the front-runner for Fletch, but according to the original Garden State funnyman, Lee is where it's at: "I'm so delighted Jason is getting the recognition he deserves. Maybe now I can make a Fletch film starring Jason - I've wanted to do that for five years." If it gets made, Fletch Won will be kind of a prequel to the highly successful Chevy versions and, if Smith gets his way, will stay true to the book it's based on.
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