hoagyAs Karina already told us, in Casino Royale James Bond will be 28 years old, presumably the result of stumbling upon the Fountain of Youth during an off-screen adventure. While the rather massive change can be explained by the fact that the character is 28 when he's introduced in the source novel, demographic concerns are much more likely to have driven the decision than a desperate desire for fidelity to Ian Fleming's wishes. After all, in Casino Royale (the novel), Bond is described as looking like Hoagy Carmichael, and Fleming himself suggested Carmichael and David Niven for the role, and you don't see anybody in the casting rumors who looks like those two.

The article linked belows make a good case for why this sudden youth is a bad idea - not that complaining will do anything about it, of course, but it's interesting to consider the implications of major age changes for our favorite characters.
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