osWhen you love a movie as much as many folks love Office Space, just owning the DVD is never enough. With this in mind, Best Buy has pulled together a must-have set for the rabid fan. And, since it comes out in November, it's just in time for the big holiday gift season!

The DVD itself offers a handful of deleted scenes, as well as a Mike Judge "retrospective" on the movie (I'm assuming this material isn't actually new) - but it's the other stuff in the box that really makes the set. Along with the DVD, you get the following:
  • coffee mug
  • mouse pad
  • red stapler
  • pen and pencil set
  • magnetic picture frame
  • notepad
And all for the low, low price of $24.99. Actually, that really seems low. How much would you spend on just the stapler and the mug? The set is only going to be available through the end of the year, so you darn well better hurry.