Guy RitchiePoor Guy Ritchie. First his new movie gets blasted by the critics and now, even his fans want a piece of him. At the London premiere of Revolver, the crowd booed Ritchie and wife Madonna after they snubbed autograph-seekers by simply ignoring their cries (sign my ass please!) and walking straight into the theater like ... well, like regular people do when they go to see a movie. Dammit Guy - you're not regular! Meanwhile, next-big-action-star Jason Statham made sure to protect the rep by hanging around for an hour to please those in attendance. In another story, Madonna defended her hubby by claiming to "love" the film saying it's "a very brave film, a bit macho." Up next: Madonna reviews Brokeback Mountain; calls it "a bit gay." According to Ritchie, he hasn't read the reviews for his film and claims it was made for the audience and not the critics. If that's the case, you'd think the guy would be signing those autographs, right? Unless they dig it when he acts all macho. We know Madonna does.