The DevilAs Disney purists count the days until Disney CEO Michael Eisner steps down (less than two weeks from now), Jim Hill Media has started a tally of the Big Cheese's hits and misses. Anonymous JHM writer "The Aspiring Aspirer" suggests, as many have, that Eisner was effective for a decade after his hiring in 1984, but then proved time and again that his time had passed. Here is a sample:

HIT - Building the Direct-to-DVD market.
MISS - Littering it with "cheapquels" and lackluster product.

HIT - Taking the Walt Disney Company from being on the verge of closing its doors to being one of the largest media conglomerates in the world.
MISS - Losing sight of everything that made the Walt Disney Company great in the first place, and firing all the people who made the company what it is, such as the animators and imagineers. Allowing middle-management and accountants to destroy the company from within.

HIT - Stepping down a year early.
MISS - Hand-picking his own replacement.
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