Guest blogger Taylor Barratt files one last report, on
Where the Truth Lies, The Matador and Transamerica.

On Day 7 we saw the excellent Where The Truth Lies, from Atom Egoyan. But there is a blemish, and it’s a pretty big one: Alison Lohman seriously stinks things up. There’s one speech she has to give in a driveway after one of the main characters discovers a secret about her with the other and it's so flat and poorly delivered it's like she was being fed the lines. Egoyan, during Q&A, was sure to mention twice that Lohman is the only actress in the world who can play a 12 and 25 year old character. While that may be true, I sure hope that wasn't the only reason for casting her, though we can't imagine what the other reasons could have been. During Q&A the NC-17 debacle was brought up, and after seeing the (uncut) film, I can say the rating is unjustified, as the sex scene is very central to the story. I would love to tell you the reason why Egoyan believes the film was issued the rating (a theory I do not agree with especially due to another film at the festival with similar content), but when you see it, you'll understand why I have not. While I think Egoyan is right about the MPAA and his comments about Blockbuster, I just don't buy his theory on his rating. At the end of the day, though, it's an unfortunate rating and he now believes the film will be released unrated. I suspect it would get an ‘R’ in Canada. 
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