vvFor a reason that goes totally unexplained in the press materials I've been able to find, The Wedding Crashers DVD won't be out until January. While I understand that New Line might think the quieter, post-holiday market will lead to a brighter spotlight shining on the DVD's release, you'd think that the economic facts about spending during the pre-Thanksgiving and Christmas period would override all of that. I guess maybe the movie was so big in theaters that they figure the DVDs will fly off the shelves no matter when they comes out.

The DVD itself will come in two editions, one the theatrical release and the other unrated (with nine extra frisky minutes). Both will be release on January third and include identical features, among them commentaries from Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, and director David Dobkin, a movie-based game, and deleted scenes. For the gamers among us, the discs also will be in a format that is playable on the PSP.