Catherine Deneuve has a new book coming out this month, called Close Up and Personal, and The Guardian has published an excerpt from the chapter on the filming of Dancer in the Dark. The whole experience was essentially a nightmare, to hear Cathy tell it. Lars Von Trier essentially refused to give her direction; Deneuve thinks this is partially his style, and partially due to the fact that he was constantly battling with star Bjork. One day, in a tiff over her lack of control over the musical numbers, Bjork simply does not show up, and Deneuve doesn't seem to understand what the Icelandic diva's problem is. "What thoughtlessness - there are still 35 dancers here! She's used to being the centre of everything and wants to control it all." Deneuve even offers to talk to Bjork herself - "Although I don't really feel like it" - to explain to her exactly how much time and money her hysterics are wasting. Deneuve's whole synopsis of the shoot, unfolding diary-style, is a great read. She's on the inside speaking with an outside perspective that comes from her refusal to play along with Bjork and Von Trier's high-drama games.
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