fard(Is it sad that I still can't read the word "fugitive" without hearing Tommy Lee Jones saying "Your fugitive is Dr. Richard Kimble" in my head? Yeah, that's what I thought, too.) Ford will play Colonel Everton Conger, the real-life figure who chased down John Wilkes Booth in the wake of his assassination of President Lincoln. This potentially sounds awesome - there's nothing like a really good history movie. (Though of course that whole "really good" thing is a bit up in the air.) The film is tentatively titled Manhunt, and Lawrence Bender is set to produce, with Mike Rich writing the screenplay.

In yet another sign that the business of movies defies all logic, the book upon which Manhunt will be based hasn't actually come out yet. And you know the story was bought based on a paragraph summary - there probably weren't even any proofs yet when the deal was made. The book is due to be released in February, and covers the 12-day hunt for Boothe in hour-by-hour detail.
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