katieKatie Leung, the supposedly much-maligned unknown who was cast as Harry Potter's lady friend told Scotland Today that she hasn't gotten any hate mail, and that she doesn't know what all the fuss is about. Which is odd considering all the quotes from her about it (including suggestions of racial slurs), but OK. So either the evil press is making stuff up and trying to cause a rift in Potter-world, or the producers told her to suck it up and quit her bitching. Either way, girl's going to be a star. It's amazing what this franchise has done to/for its stars - all of them have come out of nowhere (Leung had never acted in anything before she auditioned) to grab a sustained place in the eye of the world. What a crazy, crazy life for those kids.

[Via Just Jared, who's also got a ton of Goblet of Fire stills up, if you're interested.]
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