zzThis month's Interview Magazine is, not surprisingly, chock-full of interviews. But what makes these chats potentially more interesting than your typical explosions of celebrity sound bytes is that the interviews are conducted by people in the same fields as the interviewees. Kanye West, for example, sat down and had a chat with Fiona Apple.

The two interviews of interest to us are with ZiyiZhang, who was grilled by Natalie Portman, and Anne Hathaway, who made the entire world jealous by getting to talk to Angelina Jolie. Happily for those of us without a subscription, Just Jared has some choice excerpts up, just to give us a taste. Things I learned by reading them:  Angelina thinks her little girl sounds like a pterodactyl and ZiyiZhang thinks people who sit on their asses and watch TV all days are "couch tomatoes." She does, however, have a firm grasp on swearing in English, so she'll be just fine. If the whole interviews are as entertaining as these tastes, the magazine is definitely worth buying.
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