Douglas Buck's remake of Brian DePalma's Sisters was initially scheduled to shoot in Montreal, but as Asia Argento, who stars as a pair of mentally deranged Siamese twins, was only available in February, the production is now looking for a location with a warmer climate. New Orleans was Buck's first thought, but like so many other productions, Hurricane Katrina is forcing them to look elsewhere, and right now the location manager is scouting around Louisiana for an "equally Gothic" city. Meanwhile, Fangoria has confirmed that director David Cronenberg (whose A History of Violence I saw this morning, and loved) will play a small role in the remake. Says Buck: "He will play Dr. Lucas Bryant, walking down a hallway in old documentary footage, explaining to the camera why he needs to seperate the mentally troubled Siamese twins Angelica and Annabella Tristiana." I get a little icked-out by JoBlo's standard mode of "Dude, girls are hot, with their tits and stuff" discourse, but two Asia Argentos? Like, attached to one another? Dude, that's hot.

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