czj(No, not that one. Cybill Shepherd would totally kick her ass if she even tried.) The Martha Zeta-Jones just agreed to play is a control-freak, big-name chef whose life is thrown into disarray when her sister dies and Martha's left caring for her niece. At the same time, a new (male) chef is brought into her kitchen. I bet you can guess what happens next - Martha's life is shaken to its core, she makes profound changes, blah blah blah. Christ. Since the film is basically going to be a English version of a German flick called Bella Martha (the American version will be called Mostly Martha), we can't blame Hollywood for the awful, puke-worthy story. But we can still be disgusted that they're bothering to remake it.

I'm getting dangerously close to a feminist theory-style rant here, but I can never accept the fact that women in movies who control their lives and focus on work have to be changed. Like, that's never allowed to be who they are, and what they really want to be. Oh, they may think they're happy without kids and men, but we all know it's only because they're afraid to admit what they really want. Thank goodness Hollywood is there to show them how life ought to be, huh?
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