• When Robert Iger takes over as CEO of Disney in ten days, he'll have his eyes set on building the brand. But what does that entail? The first step is a deal with Verizon to get Disney cable stations (Disney Channel, ABC Family, etc) on their expanded basic cable package. Which is a good move, because ABC Family shows Cruel Intentions like twice a day, and nothing says Disney like Sarah Michelle "You can put it anywhere..." Gellar.
  • Jim Carrey is likely to star in Number 23, a thriller about a guy who finds a book that appears to be about his life - until it ends in murder! Duh-duh-duhnn. Joel Schumacher will direct the film this fall, whilst waiting for Lem Dobbs to complete rewrites on The Crowded Room.
  • Paramount is working on a comedy about an all-girl rollerderby team, which they describe as A League of Their Own meets Dodgeball. If that means it somehow involves Rosie O'Donnell and a bag of wrenches, we're totally there. Incidentally, all Weblogs, Inc readers who have questions about rollerderby should direct them to TV Squad's own Lacy Hall. She's totally into it.
  • Brace yourself, J.T. fans: Scott Foundas finds Edison to be lackluster on pretty much every level.
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