Our friend Aaron from Out of Focus filed today's Gothamist Interview with Christine Vachon, the mogul behind one of the biggest surprise successes of the 90s indie scene, Killer Films. Under his watch, Vachon talks about everything from loving Brokeback Mountain ("Brokeback is hard. It's not obvious. You have to give it time to work its spell and it really does") to the mixed blessing of gentrification ("I can't remember the last time I walked down Avenue B at 2 AM. But if I did I'm sure there'd be 100 other people there too").

Vachon also tells a story I've never heard before about Todd Haynes' Superstar - the all-Barbie version of the Karen Carpenter story that he's been banned from releasing. "A lot of people at eating disorder clinics were showing it to their patients with huge results," she says. "People were just saying, I've never seen anything that I can relate to about my condition and what I'm going through, so Todd asked if there was any way that we could limit its distribution simply to that -- it just seemed like it was such a helpful thing -- and give any profits or rental fees to any foundation that [the Carpenters] wanted." Apparently, even in the name of charity, the Carpenter family still wouldn't give Haynes the music rights.

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