flashI totally won't believe you if you tell me that Flash Gordon sucks. Actually, that's not true. I will completely believe you, but not if you say that you don't enjoy it. I remember watching this camp-fest on TV on Saturdays as a kid (it seemed to alternate with Beastmaster, which must have been on 100 times a year) and being both confused and intrigued. (Of course, this is coming from someone who was totally devoted to Buck Rodgers, so even at a young age I had a highly turned appreciation of fun crap.) Though the soundtrack was an epic success - do you know anyone who doesn't go "Flash! A-AH!" whenever the film is mentioned? - the movie itself was a disaster. Sci-fi audiences in 1980 liked things slick and professional, not silly and absurd (stupid Star Wars ruined everything). Happily, though, the film's been somewhat reevaluated over the past 25 years, and is now appreciated for what it is:  a camp classic.

Though the US seems to be heartlessly ignoring Flash Gordon's 25th anniversary, readers in the UK (or those with a region-free DVD player) can celebrate with a totally kickass new DVD edition. Included on the disc (which reportedly offers a great transfer) are two commentary tracks, one by director Mike Hodges, and the other by costar Brian Blessed, as well an episode of the original Flash Gordon serial (starring Buster Crabbe). The DVD is released in the UK on October 11 by Momentum Pictures.