There's a nice little interview with Thumbsucker director Mike Mills in this week's San Francisco Bay Guardian. The music video director-turned-auteur, who is apparently working on a documentary about the antidepressant industry in Japan, is trying to keep on foot in the pumk-rock box whilst navigating semi-stardom. "I would put a huge vote in for doing it yourself and not believing things made at home and made for cheap or things made on video and without movie stars aren't worth doing," he says. Before we even have a chance to turn on the snark sensor, Mills anticipates our critique. "That's a total contradiction, coming from someone who has a film with Keanu Reeves in it, you know. But that's what I believe." The interview also (sort-of) confirms that the rumors are (maybe) true: Mills is dating Miranda July (we think). So, to recap: Mike Mills has a new project, a new girlfriend, and a steadfast allegiance to DIY ethics in the face of mass-market success.

[via Movie City Indie]