tsAs if he wasn't busy enough just trying to stay clean, Tom Sizemore is reportedly running around, trying to get TV networks to create a reality show about him. He's got a name and everything:  Super Sizemore! While I admit to liking the Supersize Me reference, the additional "Super Star" and "Superman" implications are things to which I'm very much opposed. How about Sizeless, or something? Or maybe Tom Sizemore:  My Life With the Whizzinator?

As if the whole idea wasn't disturbing enough, Sizemore's been preparing for this show for a couple of years already. Get this:  part of his pitch for Super Sizemore is that it will "incorporate footage [he has] shot...the past two years." Great. A drug-addled, courtroom-visiting actor filming his own hell for a future reality show. Have we really come to this?
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