Wachowski BrothersPerhaps you're one of those people who absolutely hated the second and third installments of The Matrix trilogy. Or maybe you just think you hated them and haven't yet had the chance to discover the one true meaning behind - screw it, I give up. Those deep, spiritual and sometimes blatantly annoying Wachowskibrothers are said to be lingering around a new martial arts-type project: a re-make of the popular Japanese film Shinobi. Based on the novel by Futaro Yamada, it's sort of a love story between a man and a woman from rival clans who, when a fighting ban is lifted between them, are forced to make some serious decisions about their relationship. Though it's set in the world of Japanese ninjas, the Neo brothers are said to be changing it to be more of a spy caper. Hmm, I wonder if their spies will be dressed in all leather and ask tons of meaningful questions like: "Have you always known you were a spy or is the spy just someone who believes in that one true.." – screw it. I give up.
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