ffcAfter spending the last eight years sitting at home, buried under an avalanche of "uninspiring gangster scripts," Francis Ford Coppola is returning to directing. In Romania. Coppola has finally confirmed rumors that he will be directing an adaptation of Youth Without Youth, a Romanian novella about "an academic whose life changes forever when he experiences a cataclysmic incident in the run-up to the second world war." Boy does that sound grim. Coppola himself has written the screenplay, and Tim Roth and the incredibly talented Bruno Ganz have already agreed to star in the film.

Coppola has said that he was drawn to the novel for its themes of "time, consciousness and the dream-like basis of reality," all things he was interested in when he first started making films. The project is expected to be a low-budget affair but Coppola seems to see it as something of an artistic grail, telling Romanian students that "I have come [to Romania] to rediscover myself as an artist."
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