jakeySo, apparently Brokeback Mountain is not the only gay-themed flick coming out this fall. Who knew? It's been hard not to hear about Capote and Domino, of course, and I'd read about the "first gay slasher movie" Hellbent (Does the gay community really need their own slasher movie? Me, I'd be very happy if us straight white chicks had never had one), but many of the films on this list are news to me. Personally, I'm looking forward to Guys and Balls, the title of which practically assures that it will suck. Unfortunately for me it's about soccer, so I will be unable to keep myself from seeing it, despite the fact that it's a (dear God) "zany" comedy.

Cynicism aside, it's pretty amazing that a dozen gay-themed (or gay-interest) films are coming out over only four months. It wasn't very long ago that a gay film - even the indiest of the indies - was big news for the national press. Now? Nobody really seems to care too much - or at least fewer people do. I whine a lot about the state of our country, but even I have to admit that this is progress. So go us.