rogerMan alive. Sometimes you have feel sorry for a guy like Roger Ebert. Karina mentioned how physically and mentally exhausting it can be to cover a film festival - and most of those are actually pretty good movies. But imagine being Roger:  he is contractually obligated not only to watch Dirty Love, but to come up with a coherent, publishable reaction to it. He's not allowed to flee in disgust, or to hand in an expletive-laden screed. No, he has to be an adult about the whole thing. So he does the only adult thing he can and articulately, cleverly, rips thing thing a new one. I, for one, think I love him.

Some highlights, for people too lazy to click the link:

  • "...But to expect an audience to find that funny verges on dementia."
  • "This movie is an affront to cheese."
  • "On the basis of Dirty Love, I am not certain that anyone involved has ever seen a movie, or knows what one is."
[via A List of Things Thrown Together Five Minutes Ago]
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