Raiders of the Lost Ark

Here in Austin, we're all waiting to see how serious the storms will get as a result of Hurricane Rita. The city is overflowing with Houston evacuees as well as visitors for the Austin City Limits music festival. Hopefully some of us can distract ourselves with film-related news and the fine selection of movies available around town this week. (And what does Harrison Ford have to do with any of this, other than that I will use the slightest excuse to post his photo? Find out after the jump.)

This week's Austin Chronicle includes a third column about the movie The Cassidy Kids, which completed shooting in Austin last month. The series of three columns by Spencer Parsons provides an interesting look at local filmmaking, particularly the collaboration between Burnt Orange Productions and the University of Texas Film Institute. I've been reading about the production at Bryan Poyser's blog, Back to Me, which contains some good insights about low-budget filmmaking. Poyser produced and co-wrote The Cassidy Kids and also wrote and directed Dear Pillow, a bare-bones-budget local movie that I enjoyed very much.

Also from Burnt Orange Productions, the Austin-shot movie The Quiet premiered at Toronto International Film Festival to favorable buzz. Variety describes it as "a Lifetime movie on crack" while Ain't It Cool News praises its look as "neo-expressionist, all cool desolate blues and streetlight creeping in like smoke through half-drawn venetian blinds." Intrigued yet? The Quiet stars Elisha Cuthbert and Edie Falco and is directed by Jamie Babbit, perhaps best known for But I'm a Cheerleader. [via Austin360]
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