cliveManagement has been all over me this week because I haven't yet mentioned Clive Owen, so I'm lucky that the trailer for Derailed just showed up online. The film, which stars Owen and Jennifer Aniston as married (to other people) execs having an affair, will be the first theatrical release for the newly-formed Weinstein Company. Since Harvey and Bob seem to have pretty good judgement about these things, I'm hoping that my trailer-based optimism isn't totally misguided. Even crappy movies with Clive Owen are reliably intense, and this one looks to be no exception - he and Aniston's character are caught mid-tryst by a gunman, who seems to trade robbery for blackmail, leaving the pair in a totally unexpected situation. Hmm. So both moral agony and the threat of violent crime? That sounds promising, right? We'll all get to find out on November 11 when the film goes wide (the release was originally scheduled for October but has been pushed back).

[via The Movie Blog]