Note: This review was contributed by Ryan Stewart

Stomping your feet and demanding that an airline crew search for your missing child is no big deal; it's all in a day's work for them. If you want to see a real show, start hinting around about the T word at thirty-five thousand feet. The friendly facade of the flight crew will immediately boil off, exposing them for what they really are - courteous jailers who have the authority to subdue you, cuff you or kill you if necessary. The best scene in Flightplan comes when Jodie Foster pulls the ultimate post-9/11 fire alarm: she approaches a group of fellow passengers - fidgety Arabs - and announces to one and all that they are a threat to the aircraft. How things come to this point is a bit of a stretch, but Foster is so good at playing the ‘of sound mind and body’ type that you believe anything she says – even that her child has just vanished into the re-circulated air.