I've never been any good at playing games. Perhaps, it's that I have bad luck, or maybe I just don't get it. Get what? Get anything. The earliest advice I remember my father giving me was to "learn your sports and always play hard-to-get with the women." Since then, I've lost hundreds of dollars on ridiculous sporting bets and still cannot have one conversation with my girlfriend without apologizing for something. Hopefully, I'll learn some sort of lesson (doubt it) from the films in this week's Trailer Park:

  • College football star turned fast-talking bookie, Matthew McConaughey, hits the jackpot when he's brought to the big city for a chance at becoming a millionaire. However, he soon learns, as Keanu Reeves did, that Al Pacino probably isn't the safest man to work for in Two for the Money.
  • All John Cusack wanted to do was embezzle $2 million from the mob and spend Christmas Eve with his hottie sweetheart. It's a great plan until he realizes that the conniving Billy Bob Thornton is in the film along with him. Find out who will successfully scheme their way home for the holidays in The Ice Harvest.
  • Note to kids everywhere: Should someone in your town get murdered, don't Cry Wolf and start spreading rumors on the internet that there's a serial killer on the loose, because it's those kinds of games that get you killed.
  • Who would ever think that sleeping with Jennifer Jason Leigh could get you in trouble? Well, when she's the wife of your boss and you work for a British tabloid newspaper, well, your entire life could quickly transform itself into some scandalous Rag Tale
  • Boy, I sure do love me a good family (why can't we stop cheating, lying and playing games with one another) drama. Jeff Daniels and Laura Linney play a recently divorced couple who go all American Beauty on us in Noah Baumbach's "let's sleep with the youngest person possible" film, The Squid and the Whale.