uwmOn July 3, 2003, Doug Bruce woke up on a NY train with no idea who he was. He could still talk, and all of his learned, physical skills were intact, but there were no memories at all. 35 years of life had vanished, just like that. Unknown White Male, a documentary that has screened at a few film festivals in the US, tells Bruce's story as he tries to sort out who the hell he is.

Not surprisingly, Rupert Murray's film is marginally more sophisticated than Regarding Henry, though if reviews are to be believed, it does actually touch on some of the same issues (albeit it without either Harrison Ford or the sap). Because he has no connection to his old self, the new Doug Bruce develops into a different person from the one he left behind, leaving his friends and family deeply confused. The film, which has received raves everywhere it's shown, explores the first 14 months of the Bruce's new life, and ultimately relies heavily on its subject's own confessional video footage. The resulting film is reportedly mind-blowing, enlightening, and disturbing all at once, and it needs to hurry the hell up and get distributed. A limited release is planned for February of 2006, and clips and the trailer are linked below.

[via The Movie Blog]
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