jwAided by a jury of over 500 "film artists, composers, musicians, critics and historians," the American Film Institute yesterday named John Williams' music for Star Wars the most memorable movie score of all time. Williams had a big day, placing three scores in the top 25. In addition to Star Wars, his music for Jaws and ET are also on the list. Rounding out the top three were Gone with the Wind and Laurence of Arabia, both of which are rather hard to quibble with. One my personal favorites, The Magnificent Seven, came in at number eight, and EnnioMorricone's haunting score for The Mission also made the top 25. Though it's not noted in the name of the list (which strikes me as sort of obnoxious), the 250 nominees were all American films.

While I think my favorite score of all time is probably from a foreign film (Jean-Luc Godard's Contempt), a quick look at this list leaves me pretty happy. Most of the stuff - from American movies - that really sticks with me is here. Do you see any glaring absences?