wowbobwowRapper Bow Wow (who, now that he's 18, has apparently dropped the "Li'l") has his first starring role the charming-in-the-previews roller skating flick Roll Bounce. However, he grew tired of struggling with hills, and was careful when the time came to look for a new project to find a role that would involve engines. Did he find one? Hell yes. Can you say The Fast and Furious:  Tokyo? Sigh. Yeah, I'm afraid I can, too. While it's hard not to imagine that the movie will be mindless and loud, it's also equally difficult to think that it won't make money, so I guess somebody knows what they're doing with this one. Dunno if it's Bow Wow, though.

Not surprisingly, no one from the previous two films will be returning for part three. In addition to Mr. Wow, this one (Did I mention it was going to be in Tokyo? That's sort of cool, right?) will also star Lucas Black, who was once a really interesting childactor, and will be directed by Justin Lin. Filming starts next month, so we probably don't even have 10 months of peace left before this sucker screams into theaters.
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