paulnStarting on November 17, the Sundance Channel will run a six-part documentary series called Iconoclasts. Each episode will feature a well-known personality being interviewed by another famous figure (sort of like that Interview issue), though not necessarily one from the same profession. Though some of the pairings are so odd they're nearly surreal (Renée Zellweger interviewing Christiane Amanpour? Mario Batali and Michael Stipe?!) the final one in the series is the big daddy: Robert Redfordgrilling hanging out with his ageless majesty, Paul Newman. It'll be interesting to see how well they actually seem to know one another, and if they get along in life as they do on the big screen. I mean, how weird would it be to have the whole world think of you in the context of someone else, based entirely on a pairof movies that are over 30 years old?

The interview, which has already been shot, is reportedly wide-ranging, covering everything from Newman's film career to his interest in cars racing and everything in between. Awesome.
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