SPOILER ALERT! The Association of Professional Flight Attendants is calling for a boycott of this week's number one film, Flightplan, on the grounds that the flight attendants within are either portrayed as "arrogant, cold, uncaring, lazy and rude" – or else, as terrorists. Lori Bassani, the APFA's PR rep, told syndicated columnist Debbie Schlussel:

"The portrayal of flight attendants in this movie demonstrates an insensitive and flagrant disregard for the very real challenges facing the front line of defense (the flight attendants) on any aircraft in an emergency situation. Should there be another 9/11, it would be critical for the cabin crew to have the support of their passengers, not the distrust that this movie may engender. Our fellow crewmembers who perished in the line of duty deserve more respect."

Does that mean to say that we better make movies that are nice to flight attendants, or else, they won't do their jobs in the event of an emergency? This came via Libertas, where the right-wingers are predictably hard-lining Hollywood's responsibility to portray flight attendants as infallible angels, because they "have their own important role to play in the War on Terror." Uh-huh. I think it's pretty awesome how political caution is supposed to take total precedent over artistic liscense. What do you think?