• "I am - and always will be - the biggest fanboy. I write from a fanboy place." On the eve of the Serenity premiere, creator Joss Whedon explains how he got Universal to help him turn a cancelled TV series into a $45 million sci-fi epic.
  • Another Canadian tax break miracle: Arjun Sablok's Neal n' Nikki is the first singing/dancing Bollywood extravaganza to be shot entirely outside of India.
  • "While Just Like Heaven is content with a vague, ecumenical supernaturalism, Emily Rose wants to tell you, like the old Louvin Brothers song, that Satan is real." A.O. Scott examines the recent rise of religious conservatism in unlikely Hollywood places.
  • Mr. Scott then takes us through an Audio Slide Show on highlights of this year's New York Film Festival, which is happening now.
  • Director Bennett Miller, screenwriter Dan Futterman, and actor Philip Seymour Hoffman discuss the birthing process behind their NYFF entry, Capote. "Before he'd written one word," says Miller, "[Futterman] described a scene where Capote is on an airplane, going back from Kansas knowing he'll never write another book. And I thought, I like that."
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