Is Emily Watson feeling a big nostalgic for the glory days of her early career? Like, four years ago? If she's not, I think I am. In a recent interview, Watson says director Jean-Pierre Jeunet originally wrote the lead role in 2001's Amelie for her. Watson had to turn down the role because she doesn't speak French; it of course went to the insufferably adorable Audrey Tautou, who is now, at least in Europe, a major movie star. Watson says she understands that turnabout is fair play; after all, she points out, "The same thing happened to me. Helena Bonham Carter was going to do Breaking The Waves and she dropped out, and there was my opportunity." Fair enough. But I'd love to see another director write a part with Watson in mind – she hasn't been in anything particularly memorable since co-starring opposite Adam Sandler in Paul Thomas Anderson's dazzling Punch-Drunk Love in 2002.
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