fwAccording to a wire story, Forest Whitaker will join the cast of The Shield as Jon Kavanaugh, an ambitious detective who "is tasked with investigating rogue cop Mackey" and his peeps. The article doesn't say so, but I think it's safe to assume that macho explosions of threats and violence will ensue. I've never watched The Shield, but I'm going to start now - Whitaker is a phenomenal actor who I think conveys more intelligence on screen than virtually all of his contemporaries. Yay for the people at FX for bringing him on board.

Whitaker is one busy dude:  in addition to this new gig, he recently had three films in Toronto (one of which he produced) and has agreed to play IdiAmin in Fox Searchlight's The Last King of Scotland. In addition he found time to attend the Deauville Festival of American Cinema in France, where he was honored for his work as an actor and director. The French have spoken, and Forest rules.
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