ccThe London Film Festival is a sprawling, epic event. Over two weeks starting on October 19, it offers over 180 features, plus endless shorts and related events - on any given day, you have about 20 different viewing options. Good God! It's exhausting - and overwhelming - just to think about. The fest lineup is incredibly wide-ranging, featuring everything from big-budget American flicks (think The Brothers Grimm) to a whole series of "Treasures from the Archives," which includes Charlie Chaplin's Between the Showers and LosOlvidados, one of Luis Bunuel's Mexican films. In addition, there are also series on experimental film, French cinema, and new works from Britain. Among others.

Head spinning? Yeah, mine too. Luckily, the good people at the London Times (who happen to be cosponsoring the event) have put together a great overview, which is linked below.
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